Saturday, January 13, 2007

The value of ~ 0 ~

Is it the same as white. . .


I am ~ 0 ~

The smallest and the biggest. Whatever number you make, I can make it smaller by adding an ~ .0 ~ in the beginning, or bigger by adding an ~ 0 ~ at the end.

If you are standing at point ~ 0 ~ and take 5 step forwards; 0 -1-2-3-4-5
Now, you are at step 5 . . . Go so 5 step backwards, starting at step 5-4-3-2-1
Are you at the same place as when you started?
NO ! ! !
To come to the same place as when you started, you have to take the ~ 0 ~ step.
In other words. . . ~ 0 ~ is the most important number in the line of numbers and has both the biggest and smallest value.

~ 0 ~ is the Quantum – number between ~ .01 and 10 ~

The Quantum Theory is “the amount, power or energy “ you can not “measure, see or weight” but can be noticed in “value / quality, strength or emotion
Per example: The wind / storm, the heat from the sun, the cero amount, a glance (of love or hate) . . .
You can not see it, count it or touch it . . . (meaning that it doesn’t exist) but has an enormous "value, power and effect/outcome."

That is me . . .

They said that I was nothing . . . I had no value . . . No one would listen to me, any way . . . worthless without any chance to harm them, the “real power”.
I answered: “ If you don’t leave me alone and in peace from now on. I will shout out the truth so loud, so the whole world will hear me at the same time. And I will not stop before I have torn off the face of Norway, so the worms underneath are exposed.”
They were laughing . . . . They didn’t believe me. . . They didn’t leave me in peace. They continued and continued to interfere in my life.

Suddenly, their laughter stopped . . . now, they don’t laugh any more. . . .

Now my book is sold all over the world at the same time . . . It will be translated to other languages and my next book is on it’s way.

I am waiting for their next move . . . I have told them what will happen if. . . Do they believe me . . . ?
It is amazing how things changes when the fears disappear. . .


BBC said...

In the beginning you were a zero. Then you were conceived and born. That made you a helpless fraction because you couldn't have made it on your own.

Unlike a plant, you couldn't even feed yourself. You would have died had you not been cared for.

Now hand over all that ice cream. :-)

BBC said...

Without a whole number, a fraction is nothing. Even a zero is nothing. Get it? That is why it pays to stick together.

Alone we are nothing, all zeros.

The Phosgene Kid said...

What about sub-zero?

Hope the “head-choppers” aren’t after you. I don’t know much about Egypt, but I do know there are some in the Arab world that don’t like folks, especially females, writing books.

Hammer said...

After I did your book review I noticed hundreds of people from Norway read what I wrote. Hope the right people are getting the message.

I can't wait for the next book I'll be happy to review that one as well.

When you are talking about zero being powerful it reminds me of homeopathic medicine.

It is basically a sugar pill with as close to ZERO amount of poison or antidote that tricks your body into fighting off the disease or problem.

And it works.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Phosegene kid: As strange it may sounds for other people...It is in Egypt I am safe. The authorities here have known me from before I came and I have been in direct contact with several of them. Here is the only place I have been, where The Norwegian embassy still have not succedeed fully with their weirdness, although to certain extend have been able to interfere in my life.
In any problem I come in, it is strange how "the correct people" of the Egyptian police-corps "suddenly" is around to help me out.
It is a lot of "small" details in my life which tell me that I can feel safe here.
Maybe strange...But true.
It was also here I STARTED to talk to all the diplomat people from all the embassies of the world who was present in Egypt, who again was the first one to gather proofs of what I said.
It hit Norway hard that time (1992) and they lost much of their political face.
What happened to me when I was in Denmark (1997 ~ 2000)Made me write my book.
Now I have got the message that they have done quite a bit to make problems in the life of one of my sons.
This makes me write the next book.
I have won the war, but they have problem admitting it. But NOW, they also know that I have other "weapons" too to use, beside the WORDS.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Hammer: You are so very right. Not only have they written you, but it has also made many Norwegian people to buy the book and start to read my blog. (Even the Royal family bought my book and is following my blog). More so, and for me important, OTHER PEOPLE also start to talk about the truth of what is going on. I read some Norwegian bloggs too, and slowly they dear to talk...Some more loudly than other.
One Norwegian blogger got a warning (he told in a blog)...He had to delete some posts...
What happened with my blog, I don't have to tell, I think ...

BBC said...

Hum, I know little about you and what happened in Norway. But it sure sounds like you have had some interesting experiences.

I've never had problems with officials here, but I never did anything but live a normal life until I started this strange journey nine years ago.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Looks like I better find a copy of your book - hopefully it isn't in Old Norse.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Phosegenekid: It's not. It is in English.