Thursday, January 11, 2007

I've become so heavy to talk with . . .

By Kirsten Nour Namskau

I have now worked inside health-care for the last 8 years, since this is one of my main educations beside as a teacher.
It is by no coincidence that loosing weight is one of the main issues these days.
What annoys me in the usually slimming-diets, is that they are too one-sided although it holds about 1250 / 1500 calories. That result in that you always feel hungry, have cravings and after the diet is over . . . you put the kilos on again.
It is a trick with dieting if you shall succeed.

- 1) You have to give the body time to adjust and the brain to get the message that something is changing in your menu. So every-day diet is not advisable and only stresses the body.

- 2) Train yourself to go to toilet ca 2 hour after meal. The digesting-time the body need to take out the nourishment in the food, is about 2-3 hours. But so long as the food is in the bowels, the body continue to take out what is in the food, also poison and chemicals.

- 3) If the diet is too unilateral, your body will come in misbalance of certain kind of nourishments and you will start to have cravings.

- 4) If you are vegetarian, you can change the meat with kidney-beans or tofu, which holds a good amount of proteins. Fish can be substituted with seaweed, but it does not hold the same amount of omega-oils which is important for your joints. But it contains Vitamin A and D + iodine.

- 5) If my client eat fish, the age and general health guide me in what kind of fish he/she shall eat. If you are young, healthy and your over-weight is because of over-eating . . . then your fish is Tuna or white fish. But if you are 45 or above, your fish is Tuna or red fish. (Because red fish, (Salmon and trout) holds more omega-oils which prevent arthritis..)

- 6) Usually several kilos are water only. So go to the pharmacy and buy herbal tea which releases the water from the body. Or mix the herbal tea yourself.
- 7) How fast you reduce your weight is depending on the reason for why you are “fat”. Is it because of over-eating, hormonal misbalance, illness, menopause or wrong nourishment? (Wrong combination of food.)

When I have a client for slimming, the program contains; beside a diet . . . twice a week we take the measurements and the weight, (write it down, so you can see black on white how you change inches more than loosing weight) they get a cellulite massage with a special “cellulite”-cream which makes the fat-depose softer, so it’s easier for the body to bring it out of the system. But take knowledge of that cellulite and fat are two different things. Cellulite is connected to the female hormone and can not be removed. (Men do not have cellulite.)

When you want to smoothen the cellulite-deposit so they are not so lumpy and visible it is called “toning” of the body. Then you are loosing inches, but not weight.
I also give them a program with an electrical device which send electrical impulses into the most stubborn areas to liquidise the fat, so it is easier for the body to bring it out of the system or replace it more harmonic in the body,
The success of the program is always depending on the client and how serious he/she is.
Exercise always help.
The diet I give my clients, is a 3-days diet ~ 4-days normal eating (Using the same diet and system every week.) I have used this diet myself too, since I gained some weight during menopause. I lost 15 kg during 6 weeks. That was my aim. Now I have my comfort weight.
If you use my diet as I give it to you . . . don’t take anything away from it and don’t add anything to it . . . It works, even without massage.


BBC said...

Good morning hon.


You sure find some interesting pictures and graphics. Every get the sense that they are what the cosmos wants you to find? That is
how it often works for me.

Anyway, the cottage cheese and fish sticks I had yesterday morning is all I had all day long. Can't gain weight eating that little, but it was all I needed.

Like I keep saying, I eat to live, not live to eat.

And at this moment I'm eating a donut stick and two small butterscotch pudding cups. He,he,he.

I may or may eat more today.

Massage, bah, nothing beats sexercize with the right partner. :-)

Hey toots, have a great day. Sing a song or do a naked pagan nature dance.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

BBC: naked pagan nature dance...on the the middle of Cairo...That will make the night for the neighbourhood. he he he

Hammer said...

That is a very interesting diet.

It all makes sense. not many take the time to tell you how something works. That's what makes yours different.

Why don't men get cellulite?

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Hammer: Men don't get cellulite because it is connected to the estrogene hormon. (A kind of estrogene waste)

BBC said...

I didn't know that, but I have a solution. He,he,he.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

BBC: Yeah...In my next life, I will reincarnate as a man, so I don't get cellulite..he he