Friday, January 19, 2007

A heart of golden . . .

From Deathdealer’s blog

Et Hjerte av Gull!
17 December kl. 08:00

Hjertet mitt er sykt. Dødssykt. Jeg har ikke lenge igjen å leve. Hvis jeg ikke kan få et nytt hjerte. Et donorhjerte. Men hvem har et hjerte å gi bort? Har du? Jeg for min del har ikke tid til å vente på at du eller noen andre med et noenlunde brukbart hjerte skal sovne stille inn. Jeg trenger et nå. Helst i dag. Men jeg vet heldigvis råd. Jeg har kontaktet Organjegeren. Han er faktisk ikke så dyr. Selv om han er uhyre effektiv og meget diskret. Diskresjon er uhyre viktig i slike saker. Det må ikke fremstå som en målrettet jakt. Bare et hendelig uhell eller ulykke med tragisk utfall. Ikke så tragisk at de indre organene blir skadet, men såpass at utfallet blir dødelig for donor. Jeg har bedt om at det må skje på en skånsom måte. Jeg liker ikke langvarig lidelse og pinefull smerte. Helst skal ikke donor skjønne noe som helst før det hele er overstått for hans del. Ikke hvem som helst kan brukes. Organjegeren konsentrerer seg om dem som har registrert seg i Donorregisteret. Slik at det ikke skal bli vanskeligheter med de pårørendes samtykke i ettertid. Organjegeren har lovet meg et hjerte innen i morgen tidlig. Senest. Jeg gleder meg allerede. Kanskje blir det ditt?

Free translation below . . .

A Heart of Golden!

My heart is ill. Very ill. I don’t have long time left to live. Unless I can get a new heart. A donated heart. But who has a heart to give away?

Do you. . .?
On my side, I don’t have time to wait until you or someone else with a decent heart only drift peacefully towards the pearl-gate. I need a heart now. Preferable today. Fortunately I have an advice. I have contacted the organ hunter. It was not that expensive after all. Although he is extremely effective and discrete. Discretion is very important in these cases. It must not be noticed as an accurate organ hunt. It has to be notices as a handy accident or a tragic ending . . . Not that tragic so the organs get demolished, only enough to let the donor die.
I have told him to do it in a humane way. I don’t like long and painful death-processes. Preferable, the donor should not understand what is going on at all.
Not whoever can be used. The organ hunter concentrates on those who is registered at the donor-depot, in order to eliminate problems with the family afterwards. The organ hunter has promised to have a new heart for me by tomorrow morning. I am excited. Wonder who’s heart I will get . . . Maybe it is yours???

I must add here that he is not talking about himself. This is his way of trying to open people's eyes of what is going on in front of their nose. This is what happens all over the world, also in America, Australia, Asia, Europe, Latin Amaerica, Africa . . . Even if you didn't know about it from before, even if you don't believe it . . .


Hammer said...

the illicit organ trade is alive and well. In the US there is a major shortage. We give them out on a lottery system. The rich never have to go without, I wonder how they do it.

In third world countries people sell their organs for a pittance.
sometimes $500 for a kidney, or part of a liver. It's not widespread here because of the high scruitny and tracking of all transplants but one just has to hop on an airplane to get organs sold or ripped out of someone else

BBC said...

I don't know much about all that, and I'm not going to drive myself nuts over it all.

It's just a bunch of monkeys fucking around and has nothing to do with my spirit.

BBC said...

BTW... I've been a registered organ donor for more years than I remember, ever since they started the program. And I'm still here, no one has killed me for my organs. Surprise, surprise. But this is America and not the third world.

Hammer, I've known a number of people that also got organs, poor people, people that in truth the world would have been better off without because they wasn't contributing anything to it in the first place and still don't. But your taxes keeps supporting them.

Organ trafficking makes sense, because there is money in it where there really isn’t any money in cannibalism, the trafficking of human flesh to eat. It’s all about capitalism and profit you know. But the thing is, do you want to know Gods solution to organ trafficking?

BBC said...

Kirsten, never feel that you have to delete a comment of harassment toward me. I’m a big boy and can take care of myself and hold my own. You would know that if you had followed my blog for some time. God lets no one beat him down.

And it is not your job to try to protect me. :-)

Anonymous said...

First: kindly excuse my commenting anonymously. My reasons are very private, as you can see below.

Second: I do not know about Egypt or the U.S.A., but people who fill in a donor card in European countries usually do not get registered. They have their card, and that is it.

The donor MHC usually does not get clarified till the donor's brain death. Exceptions are donations between relatives (usually kidneys, because you can live with only one kidney), or marrow donations (where a healthy body compensates the loss by donation within a short time).

MHC means "Main Histocompatibility Complex": proteins which constitute the identity of a person's tissues and are responsible for the immune reaction. It is the crucial factor of a successful organ transplantation: The donor's MHC and the recipient's MHC have to match sufficiently. Only then, there is a chance that the recipient's body will accept the new organ. If there is not enough match, his body will fight and destroy the organ (or the organ fight the recipient's body).

That is why organ hunters would have to kill randomly dozens or hundreds of people, search for those with a donor card, check whether they were healthy before killed, keep their bodies or at least the organs alive and clarify their MHC to find one suitable donor for their client. All while running special clinics and teams of transplantation specialists who were willing to wait in the wings and care for the recipient for the rest of his life. (Organ recipients need special, very expensive medication and regular check-ups; if you would like your usual physician to do that, you would have to explain where your new organ came from all of a sudden.)

All that means a lot of effort, and it is incredibly expensive. That is why I do have some doubts that such a killer organisation would be profitable.

Nevertheless, there is a mess in the transplantation business. The grievances are the Chinese executed who did not have a chance to decline organ donation, or the Indian poor who do not get more than a tip for one of their kidneys and usually do not even know what is going on, while the criminals who operate them earn a fortune for the organs.

Why I do know a bit about transplantation business? I am waitlisted myself. There is not much chance to find a suitable donor, as some of my MHC factors are rather rare where I live, and most people are afraid of donor cards anyway. It is O.K. for me, I have had a rich life, and there is still some time to enjoy. But I do know people who are waiting desperately and have MHC factors which are more common. Some of those people are very young and have not even had the chance to have a normal life; others are responsible for young children. Most of them will die before a suitable organ has been found, just because there are not enough donors.

People seem to think that the physicians let the holder of a donor card die after an accident, even if he would have had a chance to survive. But people who fear such a neglect in Europe do not know how complicated the regulations are if it comes to declare brain death and ask for transplantation. They just take it for granted that there would be an organ if they, or their spouse, or their child should need it themselves one day.

Lexcen said...

Anonymous, thanks from all of us for your intelligent and knowledgeable contribution. Knowledge is always better than ignorance. I wish you the best of luck in getting a donor.

BBC said...

The fact that I am a donor is stated on my drivers license.

But for reasons Anonymous stated it doesn't make sense to just kill me for my organs.

Getting an organ to someone is a very complicated process. For one thing it has to be reasonably compatible. You just don't rip a heart out of a body and stick it in someone else.

Lots of tests has to be done and there is a time frame. I don't think that at this time they can freeze organs and tag them for later use.

But I can see where that would be useful.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Anonymus: Thank you for your comment. Wish you all the best...

BBC said...

And you can't just kill someone and take hours to get them to a place where they can be 'processed', organs need immediate treatment as they start dying right away.

I still think that most of those stories are BS.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to all of you for your kind replies and wishes. They do mean a lot to me.

Yesterday, I was afraid that my 2 cents might be misunderstood. I am very glad that this was not the case.