Friday, January 26, 2007

In emergency of good advice . . .

Dear Kirsten,

I've never written to you before, but I really need your advice on what could be a crucial decision.
I've suspected for some time now that my wife has been cheating on me. The usual rings, but if I answer, the caller hangs up.
My wife has been going out with the girls a lot recently, although when I ask their names she always says, "Just some friends from work, you don't know them."
I sometimes stay awake to look out for her cab coming home, but she always comes walking up the drive as I hear the sound of a car leaving, around the corner, as if she has gotten out and walked the rest of the way. Why?
Maybe she wasn't in a taxi at all?I once picked up her cell phone, just to see what time it was.This caused her to go completely berserk. She quickly snatched the phone out of my hand and cursed me hysterically, screaming that I should never touch her personal property, then accused me of trying to spy on her.
Anyway, I have never broached the subject with my wife. I think deep down I just didn't want to know the truth, but last night she went out again and I decided to really check on her.
I decided I was going to park my Harley Davidson Lowrider next to the garage and then hide behind it so I could get a good view of the street around the corner when she came home.
It was at that moment, crouching behind my motorcycle that I noticed a small amount of motor oil leaking through the gasket between the rear head and rocker arm cover.
So... is this something I can easily repair myself or do you think I should take it back to the dealer

H. M.

(What do you think? Should he take it back to the dealer?)


Lexcen said...

I'm very concerned about the Harley Davidson, a man takes certain pride in his HD and he doesn't want to lose face by having a leaking gasket. If you don't give your bike enough attention and care, it will let you down eventually. It's not as if you can just go to a bar and pick up another Harley, they are special after all. Be faithful to your Harley and your Harley will be faithful to you. A regular service schedule would be recommended as well. Let's hope that the wife has the good sense to be seeing a mechanic who can service both her and the bike.

BBC said...

That's not a Harley, that's a Norton.

Always fix your own stuff I say. Get help only if you can't.

Anonymous said...

so much for anonymity and confidentiality...haha

Ofcourse she is cheating on him...women are WHORES....well, most of them these days.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Vin: THE BIKE vinicio, what about the bike!!!

curmudgeon said...

Well, it all depends. Harley's don't 'leak', they 'mark their territory'.

If it's a small leak, leave it alone.

However, if it's a real bad leak, he should change it himself unless he is a totally useless mechanic. There is the pride factor here, after all.
If he isn't able to fix it himself, he should probably not have a Harley in the first place.


BBC said...

Women are whores? Not any of the ones I know. Hell, a man can't even get anything out of them, they are so screwed up. Now my mother, she was a whore.

He is right, Harley's mark their spot, that is their trademark.

But it's still a Norton in that picture. A Norton is an English or German bike, Maybe Italian, I don't recall, a Harley is pure American.

But the Norton was probably a better bike at the time. He, he, he.

KB said...

Good spotting BBC!

This was funny.

I don't like Harleys. I do like Nortons though.

Maybe the guys who ride Harleys leak also???? I knew one who did!! hahaha