Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Free speech and democracy . . .

In Norway, this means: “you can say what you want, as long as you shut up!”

It is by no coincidence that a blogger in Norway has got a reprimand by the administrator of the site he is blogging at. (A Norwegian site.)
Unfortunately, he is blogging in the Norwegian language, but I have got his accept to translate some of his posts and put it in my site.
This is one of those things I have noticed after the release of my book. People start to dear to talk.
In his blog he tells his opinion in small short-stories, which also make them entertaining.
I will from time to time translate some of his posts.

Deathdealer’s blog

Pålagt Sensur!
10 January kl. 15:02

Hipp hurra! Jeg er blitt kontaktet av Blogg-administrasjonen. Merkelig nok ikke for å bli tilbudt en høyst anstendig årslønn for å blogge fast på SOL-siden - vi mest trofaste og hyppig leste bloggere må jo trekke en mengde lesere til sidene deres - men derimot med et skarpt pålegg om å fjerne et innlegg. Kritikk av Regjerningens asylpolitikk kan oppfattes som rasistisk! Nå har jeg lest det også. Administrator kan umulig ha skjønt ironien. Ellers så må vedkommende ha fått seg en skrape av sjefen sin for å ha vært for slapp i jobben sin. Vist unnfallenhet og dårlig skjønn i forhold til det som skal siles gjennom eller rettere sagt all den uinteressante dritten som er blitt sluppet gjennom, uten filter. Men det hjelper ikke med skippertaksmetoden i denne businessen, vennen min! Så heretter skal jeg konsentrere meg mer om hvem som har pult med hvem. Pirrende detaljer ved ulike samleistillinger, stønn og grynt! Det kan jo bli noen fuktige lesere av det også!

Free translation below . . .

Ordered cencor.

Hurray ! I have been contacted by the Blog-administration . Strange enough, not to be offered an decent payment for regular blogging at Sol-blog.
We regular and most read blog-writers I think, is those who bring the readers and users to their site. No, not an offer like that, more correct is to say that I got a sharp reprimand to delete a post.
A post containing critic of the governments refugee-politic could be understood as racism, I was told ! Now, that was a new one for me!!! The administrator of the site “Sol” could impossible have understood the irony in my post. Or maybe he has got a correction from his boss to be stricter with what is written in the bloggs around.
It is by no surprise most of the bloggs is pure “baby-shit” or raw porno.
If that is the only accepted contains of a blog, I can also start a pure pornographic blog, talking about who has fucked with whom, exciting details about different sexual positions, moan and groan! I assume I will get some wet readers with those kinds of posts too.

I have also noticed that another post than the above mentioned is removed from his blog.
A post where he slightly indicate the fact that it is human meat for sale on the marked. (It was one sentence in a broader story.)

That is not a secret in Norway. Everybody knows that fact, that it is sold human meat at most places on earth.
Even my own family buys ½ whole animal, in order to be sure it is an animal they eat and make the mince themselves.
Even here in Egypt, I have taken that habit with me and make my own mince and meat-cut for sandwiches. (Although here, I buy the meat at the butcher and can see the whole animal and point out the piece I want.)

It must have been a serious threat, since he decided to remove the post. Believe me . . .!

Concerning cannibalism . . . Check out this website:


BBC said...

Human meat for sale? Human meat? A you call it an animal?

I find that hard to believe. Where does it come from? From people that are considered less than human?

What you say is just plain weird. Especially that you eat it. I would like to hear more about that.

I would especially like some proof of it. A charge that great needs to be proved to me.

Hammer said...

At least someone is talking over there, I think blogging and humor are powerful tools to embarrass and expose corruption.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...
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Kirsten N. Namskau said...

I don't eat human meat and it is never said that it is animal meat.
Read once more, Billy.
I have proofed it to the worlds authorities in 1991. I lived by myself between two human-slaughteris. It is never made officially how many people "dissapear" during a day. Have you ever heard the therm "to make the city red"?
In my comment on that particular post, I also said that it is "adopted" more colored children than what starts school. Where have they gone?
And it is not only in Norway...It is more common that anyone know.

BBC said...

You said....

"Even my own family buys ½ whole animal, in order to be sure it is an animal they eat and make the mince themselves.
Even here in Egypt, I have taken that habit with me and make my own mince and meat-cut for sandwiches. (Although here, I buy the meat at the butcher and can see the whole animal and point out the piece I want.)"

Okay, what kind of animal is it then?

"I have proofed it to the worlds authorities in 1991."

Okay, but I haven't seen the proof, I want to see the proof. I'm not willing to just take someones word for such a thing.

Lexcen said...

So, you're fellow Norwegians are cannibals?

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

BBC: 1/2 sheep or calf or cow or whatever.
Ready-pact can never be sure what it is any place in the world, especially mince.
You can get the proof, if you buy a ready-packed meat where it is not written what kind of meat it is on the label. Deliver it to a research-center and ask them to tell you what kind of meat it is. (they will not do it for you)
The proof is like as easy to get as to proof that you are omnipresent.
That is why I went to the authority who have the power to get the proof.

Lexcen: All places on earth where they have "mad cow" disease. That illness is NOT contagious. Both human and animals get it through cannibalism. When the farmer gives the animals the food directed from the government, it often contains residue of their own kind of species. (In other words, cannibalism.)

I'm not ready to discuss this. Whatever you believe will not change the truth...Whatever you feel the truth is, let it be YOUR truth.
I am posting another bloggers post. Who dear to talk about what I didn't ... What I am doing, is only to confirm that I also know what he indicate.
Lexcen, I AM NOT A CANNIBAL NEITHER MY FAMILY. That is WHY we buy 1/2 animal of any kind, to be sure that it is an animal we eat and NOT a human.
At the time I was married, we eat ONLY what my husband got by hunting and came home with. The whole animal and I parted it myself. Deer, moose, hare, wild hen....

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

And by the way, WHY do you think he got cencored? The autorities in the world DOESN'T WHANT PEOPLE TO KNOW ... Of corse they don't want you to know what you are eating.

BBC: What kind of proof do you want?

BBC said...

Well, the way you write, it isn't clear. You go right from talking about eating humans to your picking things out.

What kind of proof did you give the others? I'll have a look at that.

We know what we are eating in this country. You just live some place weird it seems. Less evolved than America is.

Hammer said...

It's not hard for me to believe that FM fantatics,and cultist nutjobs would reort to disposing of their enemies and religious sacrifices by this means.

Cannibalism is an ancient and widespread way to dispose of ones enemies. It has been done across many cultures for differing reasons.

I take Kirsten at her word. This is a strange, sick world where slavery, beheadings, eugenics, holy war, female circulcision and many other terrible uncivilized things are happening.

How hard is it to believe that people are selling human flesh to an ususpecting public?

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

BBC: You said: "We know what we are eating in this country."
Don't bet on it.
I told all the diplomats in Egypt what I knew and where and how to find the human slaughteries and get the proofs, close to where I lived in Norway. (It's even worse thing going on too, that I also told them.)
Believe me, they examined every word that I told them.
Or do you think they didn't care, when I claimed such a horrific custom takes place which also maybe could reach the diplomats?

As Hammer sais: This is a strange, sick world where slavery, beheadings, eugenics, holy war, female circulcision and many other terrible uncivilized things are happening.
So why is it so difficult to believe that cannibalism exist?

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

For me, it has become VERY important to tell the world what is going on next door of you. What you read in the paper and listen to on TV news is what happens WITH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY TOO.
That's why I admire this blogger "Deathdealer's blog". He DEAR to speak his own way.
He has become a HERO in my mind.
Watch out for the next posts I will give to honor him.


Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Check out this website:

BBC said...

Well, I've never seen any of it. And if it is happening over there someone else can deal with it.

Hammer, I wouldn't take just one persons word for such a serious claim as that. I would want a lot of proof.

I know that there is some cannibalism, I just don't believe it is wide spread.

And now I'm going to cook up a hamburger. He,he,he.

KB said...

Well, I really don't know what to think. I have been reading Hammer's blog for some time and have seen your name heaps. You did comment once on my blog, but I may have put you off!!??

Anyway, I believe what you say. I am horrified, shocked and disgusted......

I'm turning vegetarian......

Anonymous said...

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