Wednesday, January 03, 2007

That's why He created ME . . .

God Saw you hungry & created McDonalds,
Wendys, and Dairy Queen.

He saw you thirsty & created Coke,
Juice, Coffee and Water.

GOD saw you in the dark
& created Light.

GOD saw you without a
Good looking,

& created you a FRIEND.........

So He created
~ ME ~

Walk this day in peace and in the warmth of the sun.



MrsJoseGoldbloom said...

That's cute Kirsten...I hope God blesses you with wonderful things in this New Year.

Hammer said...

I like that picture kirsten. I hope somebody euthanizes me by the time I'm pulling up my pants that high ;)

BBC said...

Kirsten, the robe hasn't got anything to do with Muslim's, there was a lot of similar gear worn in the old west also. Robes like that was around long before Muslim's. It's just something spiritual to me.

Too many Muslim's are heathens, they are less evolved than Christians.

BBC said...

Okay, so now that you have been created what are you going to do?

Are you going to come over here and hold my hand?

Ah shoot, never mind, I would just drive you nuts, it takes a real goddess to love me. :-)

Anonymous said...


Sweet Kristen, i believe i stumbled upon your blog when i read a post about spirituality or a post on life. But i can honestly say that, like BBC's blog, i've never completely read any of your entries. I just commented because of the comments left on my entries.

I have a bad habit of thinking everyone is wrong when it comes to spirituality and life. I guess that's one of my many flaws. At least you don't concentrate yourself with the mundane.

Thanks for your early advice on a vegetarian diet, as well as encouraging me to continue living...haha.

i'm not gonna write anymore posts becuase i find it stupid or something. However i will keep in touch with you...maybe we can talk sometime.


BBC said...

He is right in a way, everyone is wrong, we just don't have all the answers yet. But they are in the future, not the monkey crap of the past.

And we have to keep looking forward and stop looking in the past.

Princess Saphire said...

I think there is a reason why someone will come in to your life, be it face to face or the current trend, internet.

I'm glad that I got to know you.