Friday, January 05, 2007

Level of knowledge . . .

By Kirsten Nour Namskau

Every now and then, I experience that people say I lie . . . . Because they don’t know up front what I’m talking about . . . or have not heard it before . . . or have not seen it before . . .
So then, what I say must be only nonsense. ! What the other part have not heard, seen, read or know, is not worth to know about. !
I remember I was in a discussion about materialism once. I was stupid enough to tell; that my mom was so materialistic so she never could get anything good enough. Once she even bought flatware with golden-décor.
Then one among us said: “That is only nonsense. Golden flat-ware doesn’t exist.”
I closed my mouth . . . but a few days later I got hold on a flyer which advertised exactly the flatware my mom had bought.
I went to my “friend” and showed her.
“Here” I said “Here is the kind of flat-ware my mom bought.”
She looked at it and said: “OK . . . so what? I didn’t know that it exist flatware of golden.”
I said; “ You see . . . That’s it ! That you didn’t know, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It only means that you didn’t know.”
When people tell me: “ Kirsten, the fact is actually . . . . . . . . . only so we are clear on that.”
I never argue about it, because what the person said . . . is obviously what is correct/the fact/the truth for that person.
It’s the same with all other topics.
I remember my father used to tell me when I was in the age where I started to listen to the news in radio and television: “ It’s not all news which is for all people. It’s an art to listen to the news.”
He continued: “ The most important news is told only once, usually the last one at midnight or the first news given in the morning. As you listen to the news during the day, you will realize that some news you heard in the morning are missing. That news was not meant for public, but for certain people only. If someone else than those who are acknowledged by this secret listen to that news, they will forget it since it’s not repeated during the day. The news told only once, is the news you shall remember, because that is the most important news, for one or another reason. “

These days, when I read the news-papers on internet, I have noticed the same thing happens. I can surf the paper days behind, but then some news is missing, although I know exactly where it suppose to be and what news was beside above and under that particular notice.
And I know . . . although I know about that information, I can not talk about it, because then . . . I’m lying. Other people have not heard it or read it or what ever . . . and then it can’t be.

Another thing I have wondered about when it comes to human’s logic sense . . . (and also here my father told me a secret.)
My father told me: “ When it comes to world catastrophes of different kind and number of death is noticed, one usually have to add to at least one to three or more ceros behind the given number to get the correct number.”

Take Per example “bird-flue” . . . Big note on the front-page of the paper . . . “12 people in China dead of Bird-flue”
They go in panic all over the world . . . Next news: “ 1 person dead in bird-flue in Turkey “
Result; people stop eating eggs.

If that news were correct, it is hardly anything to panic about. It dies more people in the traffic or by cancer pr. Day . . . that of bird-flue during 10 years, if those news were correct.

But if the truth is that 12000 people die pr. Day in bird-flue . . . then I can understand that the government in China start to worry.
If the truth is that 120000 people die pr. week in bird-flue . . . then I can understand that the governments around the world start to worry.

But to tell this to people . . . then I don’t know what I’m talking about and should only be happy that the governments react so fast.
Yes, I am happy about that . . . but why don’t they show the same interest when it comes to traffic, pollution, garbage etc.?

Most of the illnesses we have today are because the meat we eat is from animals which have been given medication for an illness. This medication goes into the blood and to the meat. When we eat the meat we get medication for an illness we don’t have and also take the side-effect of that medication.
Animals and vegetables are given growing-hormones to become fat and grow fast.
When we eat this meat and vegetables, we also get those growing-hormones in our body which disturb our health and genetic system.

But I assume . . . . Now I’m talking only nonsense . . . because this . . . no one has thought about. (Or is it so that they only don’t care???)


MrsJoseGoldbloom said...

Very interesting post kirsten, the food thing is something that I've thought about before. I would love to eat all organic foods, but they are so expensive. I'd grow my own veggies, but then we'd probably all starve to death. :)

BBC said...

A: I don't think you would lie.

B: I don't think I would have liked your mother.

C: You sure find some weird graphics.

D: It doesn't matter what you eat, you will still die one day, so eat what you like to eat.

E: I've heard that their are no vegitarians that have lived over 100.

F: I don't care to be 100.

G: I want a nice fat lobster tail.

Lexcen said...

Kirsten, you have raised a very interesting and disturbing subject, the food we eat and how it affects our health. Meat is indeed impregnated with growth hormones and antibiotics, vegetables are genetically engineered, sprayed with insecticides, grown with fertilizers and growth hormones, irradiated, fruit is waxed, sprayed with insecticides and irradiated. Of course we are sick. We cannot escape.

Richmond said...

Food for thought - in more ways than one. Great post.

(And congratulations on your book!!!)

Hammer said...

There are things we can take to detoxify ourselves. Green tea makes me feel better but not sure about longevity.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

Hammer: I have a detoxifying diet. I have in my mind to blogg it...If it is of interest for people

Richmond: Thank you

Lexcen: After my opinion the authorities in the world have the responsibility. The simply don't care for anything more than money, and they don't have brain enough to understand the THEY themsleves and their family , children, grandchildren and so on ALSO get hit by the disturbance of their health it cause.

BBC: LOL...I will have a special blogg for you.

mrsjosegoldblom: I don't trust the "organic" cultivated neither...It's only another label to me. The only time I trust what I eat is when I cultivate it myself....But then I need a garden. At the time I don't have, so I am bound to buy what is on the marked.

BobG said...

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

bobg: Even today the average age of living differ from place to place, from people to people, from nation to nation.
That's not the point. The point is how it affects our genetic system and DNA. But that is maybe what some call evolution? 5 generations from now , we will have a totally new looking race of humanity, totally zombee, totally unable to care for itself and then....humanity will die out anyway.